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Gamecity Online Hub currently only works on PC and macOS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered here please reach out to us at


What can I do here?

Create your avatar and enter the world of the Gamecity Online Hub - where you will be able to visit virtual Hamburg, check out unique looking booths, discover games and game makers from Hamburg and chat with other visitors.

How do I interact with other people on the Gamecity Online Hub?

You can type public messages into the box in the lower right corner of the screen. Public messages can be read by anyone standing near you in the Gamecity Online Hub. You can also show your emotions to everyone by clicking the smiley-icon right above the message text box. To interact with directly other people, click their avatar and choose "send message" to open a chat with them.

How can I change my avatar?

Simply look for a photo booth, you'll find one in each district of our virtual Hamburg. Here you can change your avatar.

How do I control the game?

Use left click to walk and for interaction. You can use fast travel to move to other districts of virtual Hamburg instantly by clicking the map icon in the top right corner.

How can I search for a booth?

Click the map icon in the top right to open the map. You can search for booths and fast travel to each section of virtual Hamburg.

Cool game. But I just want to know what Gamecity Hamburg is and does.

Follow the links on top of the Gamecity Online Hub site to jump directly to our sites on our Prototype Funding program, our Games Lift Incubator or our general website where you'll find everything about the location initiative Gamecity Hamburg and its acitivities.

Why can't I use the video call option?

The video call functionality will only be available for limited times and for certain events on the Gamecity Online Hub.

How long is the Gamecity Online Hub active?

You'll be able to visit the Gamecity Online Hub day and night. For 365 days/year.

Game / Tech

What browser do you recommend?

Gamecity Online Hub runs best on Google Chrome and Firefox. Please use it for an optimal experience. Internet Explorer, Safari and legacy Microsoft Edge are known to have some issues.

I can hardly read the texts.

The Gamecity Online Hub works best in full screen mode. Please click "full screen mode" at the lower left corner.

Can I disable the background music?

Yes, please click on the settings icon in the top left corner to mute or toggle the volume.

Can I play demos?

Some booths have steam links in their game stations. You can click them to find out if they have a demo available.

Can I enter the Gamectiy Online Hub on a mobile device?

Sorry, Gamecity Online Hub exclusively works on desktop/laptop devices at the moment.

I found a bug / the game crashed / something doesn't work

Ouch. Please take a quick screenshot of the issue and kindly let our developers know by filling out a bug report in this online form. Thank you! We'll fix it soon!

How do I interact with other participants?

You can either chat with other visitors or in the world chat or you can go to the video call tables and join existing calls.

How do I join a video meeting?

Please click on the green telephone button to join a meeting.

How do I block and unblock my Camera?

Please click the Camera Icon while being in a call. To unblock your Camera, you just need to click it again.


I want to present my game / company / service in the Gamecity Online Hub

Please contact us at We'll gladly fill you in about how to present yourself with a booth or banner in the Gamecity Online Hub.


Interesting! How can I contact you for press inquiries?

Please feel free to reach out via for press inquiries.
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Look for in-game interactables to see a live stream or video in the cinema.